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Museumpark Rotterdam

Museumpark Rotterdam

The Museumpark Rotterdam is one of Rotterdam’s most popular outdoor spaces. Divided into four main zones, it has areas which are designed to appeal to everyone. The park includes; a paved zone; a romantic zone with trees, flowers and a pedestrian bridge; a city zone which is covered in asphalt and often used for public events; and a well-tended orchard area.


One of the main talking points of the park in the “senseless bridge”, which is more of an aesthetic feature than a practical one, as it does not cross any body of water or a road. As part of the romantic zone, it is perfect for couples to stroll across. The well-ordered orchard area contains a large number of apple trees, planted in a geometric grid formation. These trees are at their most beautiful in spring, when they are covered in blossom.


The Museumpark is so-called because of its proximity to a large number of Rotterdam’s most famous museums. Within the grounds of the park or on the roads surrounding the space, you will find the Dutch Architectural Institute, the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, the Chabot Museum, the Kunsthal, the Villa Sonneveld and the Natural History Museum. Whether you choose to visit all of the museums, or just a few, the park is the perfect stepping off point, especially if you purchase a combination ticket which allows you to make real savings on the price of your tickets. The close knit location of these museums also means that families can visit the park area and individual members can easily visit their own choice of museum and then meet up again in the middle once they have finished browsing.

Open Air Markets

The park regularly plays host to an open air farmer’s markets, where it is possible to buy fresh local produce and browse locally made handicrafts. Crafts markets are also a common feature during the summer months. Check in local events listings to find out details about planned market days or other events which are planned in 2014.

Visitors Information

It is possible to visit the park all year round, and it does not charge an entrance fee. The park is easily accessible from central Rotterdam and is only about 20 minutes walk from the Central Station. Alternatively, travel to Eendrachtsplein or Leuvehaven metro stations, which are about 5 mins walk away. For visitors who are arriving by car, it is possible to park in the Museumpark’s award winning car park, which has been designed by Paul de Ruiter across spilt levels, making proper use of glass for a light, spacious and transparent look.

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