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The Nationaal Reddingmuseum Dorus Rijkers

Reddingmuseum Den Helder binnen

With the press of a button, experience the crashing waves of a raging sea, and the wind blowing on your hair at the Nationaalredding Museum in Den Helder. This museum is dedicated to the Dutch safety and rescue operations at the sea and includes an amazing display of rescue boats, life jackets and simulations of boats at sea as well the display of numerous films. It is located in what was an engine maintenance shop at Willemsoord.


The museum was named after Dorus Austrians who was a captain of a life boat in Den Helder. Dorus and his crew rescued over 500 people from drowning and in return they received awards and recognition for their efforts.

The Redding Museum was founded in 1982 and is a three storey building which had been renovated and modernized.

Activities At The Museum

Reddingmuseum Den Helder

There are many activities that cater to all ages and suitable for individuals or groups.

Guided Tours Of The Museum

Volunteers from the museum conduct these tours. The guides are extremely knowledgeable, feeding visitors with snippets and anecdotes of the museum.

Life Boat Collection

Look at the historic life boats which include Johan De Witt, Prince Henry, Java Sea and Tjerckhiddes.

Boat Tours

From 1.00pm to 4.00pm every day, visitors can enjoy boat tours in the historic life boat Johann De Witt. The tour lasts for twenty minutes which may sound like a lot but which go very fast as time usually does when you are having a good time.

The Hero Game

With this simulation game you will have a lot of fun whilst testing your suitability to be a life saver.

Take A Cruise

By arrangement visitors can sail down the North Holland canal or at sea for hourly, half day or full day trips with each trip hosting 12 guests.

Children’s Parties

For a different, one-of-a-kind birthday party, visit the museum where children can have rescue themed parties complete with treasure hunting, lifesaving and even a cruise at the museum.


The museum has a special package for lectures which focus on the history of Dutch sea rescue activities, the work of Dorus Austrians as well and the history of the museum.

Wedding Photography

For those couples who wish to take photographs at the museum, they are welcome to do so by registering in advance. Couple can take pictures inside historic life boats and many other places in the museum for truly memorable wedding photos.


Watch a play about the lives of the famous rescuer Dorus Austrians and his wife Neeltje .

How To Get There

The museum can be easily accessed by public transport. Use the Interliner from Friesland, the museum is a ten minute walk from the train station and the bus station.

To get to the museum by car from Alkmaar use route n250 and from Hoorn you can use the a7. Once in Den Helder, follow the signs for Willemsoord and then for Parking South which will lead you to the museum.

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