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National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden

Rijksmuseum van Oudheden- Egypte

The National Museum of Antiquities, in Dutch: Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, in Leiden allows the visitors to discover different cultures, ancient civilizations like Egypt, Greece, and even ancient Holland. Your visit in Leiden would not be complete without visiting this remarkable museum which depicts the rich cultural history of the Ancient world.


The collections of different artifacts in National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden started in 1743. After the death of Sir Jerard Papenbroke the University of Leiden acquires considerable collections of different antiquities which merely comprises of 150 artifacts. But due to some negligence on the part of the caretakers, the collection were rarely taken care of and was restored only after 50 years when it finally had a curator assigned to facilitate the collections.

The famous curator who was assigned in the museum was the first professor of archeology in the University of Leiden, Dr. Gaspar Reuvens. He took good care the collections with such great integrity along with his passion in archeological studies.

As the time goes by Dr. Gaspar Ruvens artifact collections had accumulated even more not only from Leiden but also from the Amsterdam Archeological Museum. The collections of ancient fossils were added to the collection of the Natural Museum of Antiquities from the Museum of Natural History in 1826.

What to Expect

The National Museum of Antiquities is the evidence of how glorious the past civilizations are and the best of the ancient collections are housed in this museum. There are different collections that come from different civilizations that are displayed in this museum.

The best things you shouldn’t miss in this Museum;

Temple of Taffeh

This temple is a replica of the Temple of Taffeh dated back from 25 BC to 25 AD which was found at lower Nubia. It is placed at the hall center of the National Museum of Antiquity. Its rich history can be seen on their architectural design which is a traditional Egyptian style. It once erected at the Taphis’ fortress, a fortress built during the Roman Conquest.

The Statue of Maya and Merit

The statue of Maya and Merit was first exhumed during the archeological exploration in Saqqara. Maya was a well-known man during the time of Ancient Egypt. He was appointed by Akhenaten as the Treasury Director. This statue is a living evidence of how Egyptians were treated with honor and respect.

The Female Lute Player

This rare blue ceramic bowl with a lute female player depicts the flourishing culture of Egyptians ceramic pottery. The elegance and the intricate details in this wine bowls are really stunning.

How to get there

The National Museum of Antiquities is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am until 5 pm. But it is closed on Monday, New Year’s Day, on October 3 and on Christmas day

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