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New logo of Amsterdam costs 100,000 euro’s

The (re)design of the new logo for the city of Amsterdam costs 100,000 euro’s, a fair amount for a professionally designed logo! But when we have look at the resulting logo, many will agree that this looks like a scam. The only thing changed in the logo is an ‘enter’ after the word ‘gemeente’, nevertheless the designer Edo van Dijk defends his work and mentions he put a look of thinking in it…have a look at what changed:

Amsterdam Logo Change

To be honest I thought it was a hoax at first so I searched Google but found out that several (respectable) media are reporting this story. Unbelievable for me, that our government spends money like this. Even if much thought was put into the project and change it still does not justify the costs.  Let’s say a Logo designer costs 250 euro’s an hour (which is much too high in my opinion)… then he could have put 400 hours of thinking into this result… that’s 50 fulltime 8 hour workdays!…

Small update: To defend the amount spend on the this change the agency indicated that it was not just the logo design that took a lot of time but the fact that the city and it’s departments used up to 40 different version of the logo on all kinds of letters and envelopes and magazines. Making a unified version will of course save them a lot of money. However I remain at the fact that this should have been clear to the cities employees themselves and that there should have been enough in-house knowledge to realize this.