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Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) in Delft

Nieuwe kerk - Delft
The Nieuwe Kerk is a magnificent Gothic church in Delft that encompasses the history of the City and gives you a breath taking scenery of the structure and its significant place in Dutch history. Quite a lovely church to include in your itinerary.


Nieuwe Kerk was originally established in 1381 as St. Ursula’s Church. But during the reformation it was transformed into a Protestant Church which gave its present name the “New Church”. Nieuwe Kerk was the home of Royal tombs and other famous personalities were also entombed in this church. It is a living evidence of how the Dutch religious practices had evolved through the times of Calvinist reformation.

What to Expect

The Church’s remarkable structure exists to prove that this is indeed one of the most glamorous and the most prestigious churches in Netherlands. The mausoleum of the royal family gives the Church its distinct status among all the Churches in the City of Delft. The Church also offers guided tours and multimedia presentations. It was restored last year to bring back the glory of the Church

The Things You Need To See In the Church;

The Tombs of the royal family and other Famous Personality

The mausoleum shows how the royal family lived in a prestigious and elegant lifestyle. This is also true for other tombs that can be seen in the Church choir which soon became the main attraction of the Church.

The Stained Glass    

There are 16 stained glassed windows in the Church which clearly depicts the High Gothic architecture that leaves every visitor in a state of awe.


The tower offers a breath taking scenery over the whole city of Delft. There are also tower bells which date back from 15th to 16th century.

It is also famous for its contribution in science because some well-known scientists have performed experiments in this tower. A great spot to be standing holding your loved one:)

The Mechanical Clock

Visitors will also get a chance to see the most famous mechanical clock of Delft. It is the undying legacy of scientific contribution that the Dutch contributed to the world.

How To Get There

The Church is usually open every day except in Sunday where regular masses were held. It is a very well know site and is just across the market plaza and the Delft City hall.

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