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Nightlife TilburgTilburg has a large number of students in the city, which is always a good sign when you’re looking for a fun place to go out at night. Tilburg is more about the bars then the clubs, which makes for a cosy athmosphere in the city and bars don’t ask for an entrance fee:) Some popular bars are: ‘Café Philip’, ‘Havana’ and ‘Café Bolle’, but in fact there are many more bars, each with there own atmosphere, so I highly suggest to hop from place to place.

A lot of the night spots are located around the area by the  Old Town square, with the Korte Heuvel/Heuvelring, the nearby Piusplein/Paleisring and Stadhuisstraat. The best days to go out for a drink (and maybe a dance:)) are Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Thursday night is the student night. You’ll find a lot of students in the city who either don’t have any classes on Friday or just don’t care if they do. It is definitely a fun night to explore the nightlife of the city.

The closing times of the cafés and pubs are strictly regulated but some stay open until the last customers have left. In the weekend are most of the cafés and pubs opened until 4 am but they will refuse entrance to new customers after 2 am. Some places also refuse entrance to anyone in scruffy jeans and trainers, so make a bit of an effort before going out to the elegant venues.

Those who really want to experience something in Tilburg can go to several events. Tilburg organizes a lot of events for example ‘Oktoberfest’ and Pink Monday. clip_image002

013 is a place where there is a large variety of concert, club nights and other kind of musical matters. They offer several concerts of famous groups, bands, local artists and solo artists.

Rumors’ about the nightlife in Tilburg
Because of some incidents that have happened in the last years, there might be some people that think Tilburg is a dangerous city to go out. Personally I have never experienced any aggression towards myself, but I was witness to a fight once (not a very ‘heavy’ one though). In the news there were some articles about more and more bouncers getting injuries from troubling customers and some fights on the streets. As always I suggest to ignore and walk away when someone is provoking you, but to be honest I think the chance of this happening is very small.

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