Noorderpark, located in the North of Amsterdam, originally began as two separate parks; Florapark and Volewijkspark. Since both parks were administered quite poorly and were unkempt, it was decided that both parks would be combined to create the Noorderpark. With new additions and better management the park is developing a more modern and fresh look.

Noorderpark - EntranceMerged together, the new Noorderpark is a vision, with a beautiful green oasis that spans over 45 hectares. Some of the more popular features of the park include an enormous stage for events, space for concerts and lots of room for big festivals is being created in the center of the area. Currently, the park is mostly enjoyed as a great place to hang out and relax.

The landscape of the park is lush, with many trees and wide, expansive fields that are great for picnics and get-togethers. There are bike routes and walking paths that are currently being planned, as well as children’s pool, catering facility and kiosk. Noorderpark is still partially under construction, but is scheduled to be completed during 2014. (It is however; open to the public still during this time)

There are 28 parks in all of Amsterdam, which is sometimes called the ‘Greenest City Europe’. Your family will love spending time in the outdoor areas of this large beautiful park, known for its great summer programs and often, free entertainment. Come spend the day taking in the fresh air, enjoy the calming environment and viewing a beautiful region of Amsterdam, at Noorderpark.

Noorderpark is currently still in development, so information on the park is currently limited. For more information about the area in general, you can read about the Florapark and Volewijkspark, or about Noorderpark Developments here.

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