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Oisterwijkse bossen en vennen – forests and fens

Oisterwijkse Bossen en Vennen - prachtig ven

The Oisterwijk forests and fens (in Dutch: Oisterwijkse bossen en vennen) is a beautiful piece of nature in Oisterwijk , North Brabant. The bulk of this nature reserve is managed by the Association Natuurmonumenten. The area is part of The Green Forest, a chain of nature reserves in central Brabant. The Oisterwijk forests and fens are a popular destination for hikers and cyclists, and that is not without reason, the view is beautiful and the trails are very well organized. Also there are some nice locations along the way where you can enjoy a drink and a bite on a terrace.

Oisterwijkse Bossen en Vennen - Bezoekerscentrum

Natuurmonumenten has some nice trails in the area and all of them begin at the visitor center which is available at the Van Tienhoven Laan street, number 5 . A sign shows the available routes. The routes are all well marked so won’t get lost. The following routes are available:

  • Kolkenvenroute – 5 km – White arrows
  • Goorvenroute – 4.5 km – Yellow arrows
  • Lammervenroute – 5 km – Red Arrows
  • Adervenroute – 4 km – Green arrows
  • Veertienvennenroute (Fourteen Fens Route) – 10 km – Blue arrows
  • Rolstoelpad – 2 or 3.5 kilometers – blue with white symbol – This route is accessible by wheelchair

There are two cycling routes that go through the area:
Route through the Green Forest Р47 miles  (Fietsroute door het Groene Woud)
Cycle Route Oisterwijkse Forests – 33 kilometers (Fietsroute Oisterwijkse Bossen)

The environment and other friendly visitors in the area provide a calm and natural atmosphere. Many of the ponds originate from the ice age, often formed by the wind that caused pits with large piles of sand around them, theese pits filled with rainwater causing the fens.

The pictures are all taken while following the ten kilometer trail of the Fourteen Fens route.

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