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Oosterpark – Amsterdam

Oosterpark Amsterdam - ducks

Located in East Amsterdam, Oosterpark is a beautiful open space filled with greenery, streams and large ponds. Oosterpark is one of the first parks to offer their visitors Wi-Fi access free. Farther into the park, there is a large wading pool for children to play in on warm days. With plenty of paths for walking, Oosterpark is always open and features a unique “speakers stone” where people may come to say whatever they like on Sundays.

Oosterpark Amsterdam - national monumentConsidered a municipal park, Oosterpark is located in East Amsterdam. The park was designed by Leonard Antonij Springer in 1891 and is currently the first large public park project to be maintained by the municipality in Amsterdam. The park itself is very large; its construction required the removal of a cemetery and many large estates in order to accommodate its massive acreage. At the center of the park, there is a large elongated lake, surrounded on all sides by English landscape designs and Dutch architecture.

The park also features a monument and sculpture garden, one of its more popular commemorations being a monument to the abolishment of slavery. One of the other benefits of the park is that it contains a large population of wild birds, including Grey Herons. If you are a fan of aviary spectating, Oosterpark will not fail to deliver. The birds frequent the park since it is a peaceful place to be and are easy to see on practically any day. The park is clean, many visitors make extra efforts to keep it so, and it is full of large trees.

If you want to visit the park on a special occasion, consider attending the annual Keti Koti festival, which celebrates the abolishment of Dutch Slavery. The event is held each year by the National Institute for Dutch Slaver and its Legacy (NiNsee).

Ooterpark Amsterdam - hutFor music lovers, think about visiting Oosterpark during the outdoor part of the Amsterdam Roots Festival. This festival features musicians from all over the world and is hosted every June for visitors to Amsterdam. The event is free and Oosterpark is downright massive, so this always leads to a very good time.

Oosterpark is the perfect place to enjoy large grassy fields for picnics or get-togethers and enjoy waterfront lawns. If you like to play sports, there is more than enough room to do so here. The Oosterpark is often considered by locals to be the most multicultural park in Amsterdam. The atmosphere is generally jovial in the park, with many Moroccan, Turkish and Surinam people influencing the wide variety of music and entertainment available to view at the park on any given day.

The park is located right behind the KIT Tropenmuseum, which contains a anthropological museum featuring collections about our developing world. If you plan to stay for a while, there are multiple bed and breakfasts in the surrounding area that would be more than happy to accommodate you.

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