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Oostpoort (Eastern-Gate) in Delft

Oostpoort in Delft

Your visit in Delft would not be complete without entering the enchanted Oostpoort (Eastern-Gate) of Delft City. It’s is the epitome of grandeur, showcasing the city’s rich historical background. It became the most common object of the imagination of the great Dutch artists which was clearly reflected on their famous paintings. Surely, your visit in the city of Delft would be incomplete without experiencing the mystery and the elegance of the Oostpoort (Eastern-Gate).


The Eastern Gate of Delft City was established in the 1400s as part of the eastern wall which is connected to the eastern bridge. The main purpose of Oostpoort was to guard the eastern part of the city against invaders. In 1510 a reconstruction of the towers were made. In 1962 to 1964 the Eastern-Gate underwent a major restoration and it transformed into a double apartment house but after a while both houses were put together for greater space in the living room.

Oostpoort in Delft - Winter

In the old times it became an object of inspiration among famous Dutch painters.    Since the 19th century, where most of the gate towers were torn from Delft, the Oostpoort was the only Gated Tower that survived through the test of time. Until in 1988 it became open to public as a tourist spot.

What To Expect

Oostpoort (Eastern-Gate) shows the magnificent Gothic architecture and it captures the grandeur of the city’s history. At the entrance of the gate, there is a statue which is clothed in medieval armor that clearly suggests that this is a guard-watcher. Inside the tower at the second floor you will see hexagonal floors and a high ceiling.

There you can see the Delft River and the bridge connected to the Eastern-Gate. The house which is a former milling house, supposed to be made of wood but since it is connected to the gate tower then it was decided to be made of stone. The double apartment is a private residence property but the ground floor offers as a gallery of different collections.

You can enjoy the casual city walk passing to this historical gate. It captures the heart of many visitors who looked amazed on how could this gated tower survived throughout many years. It is the embodiment from the heritage of the Delft city’s legacy throughout its history. The rich architectural design of the tower reflects the genius minds of those people who made this tower. Surely it’s a tour that is worth visiting for.

How To Get There

Oostpoort is open to the public 24/7. The apartment is not available for any visitors for it is a private residence, but the ground floor which offers as an exhibit gallery is available for public viewing. There are different available transportation possibilities for you to go to Oostpoort.

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