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Park ‘Het Bossche Broek’

Bossche Broek

The Bossche Broek is a stretch of nature of about 116 hectars in the city of Den Bosch. It is a valuable link on a European schale, and that’s why it has a so called ‘Natura 2000’ status. The nature reserve is located on the Dommel and consists mainly of grasslands with rare plants, which occur mainly where underground water is available. You will find marsh sedge, marsh cartel leaves, peat fluff, cinquefoil, water gentian, marsh marigold, flower swans, great burnet, horsetail and beak sedge.

It is a beautifull location to go for a walk and enjoy nature

Bossche Broek - City Wall

In the picture above you see the where the ‘Bossche Broek’ meets the citywalls, it’s that close to the city.

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