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Parking in The Netherlands


Parking is well arranged in The Netherlands, even if you are visiting one of the larger cities. It might not be possible to park in the street where you want to go but there are always some parking garages spread out through the city. I suggest to park in one of those, as they are safe and easy to access. From there on you can continue on foot or by public transportation. Beforehand you could check (for example on google maps) which parking garage is closest to you destination so that you know which one to park your car in. Most parking garages (I even think all of them) have video surveillance systems to help making it extra safe. Altough it is pretty safe, I would not leave my smartphone on the dashboard of the car, for everyone to see;)

Parkeren - Plaatsen vrij

So how do you find the parking garage you want to park in? If you beforehand know which one you are willing to park in, just follow the signs. Otherwise drive in the direction of your destination and you will surely see signs of nearby parking garages. In the past only the parkinggarage was indicated with it’s name and which direction it is… nowadays in the technology-age we also see how many spots are still available! Very usefull on busy days to easily find a parking location where there are still spots available.  You can see an example in the picture above where there are still 260 spots available.