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Papaver Natuur en milieucentrum

Natuur- en Milieucentrum De Papaver (In English: Poppy Nature and Environment Centre) is Delft’s visitor center for the environment and nature. Located in Delft Wood, the center organizes educational activities and exhibitions throughout the year to educate the public about the importance of nature. It also provides education to local environmental and nature organizations.

Visiting Poppy

Poppy is open to the general public and hosts four temporary exhibitions each year. Inside of the center, you can purchase books or you can make use of the library. Several books, videos, CD-ROMs, slides and brochures are available.

The center is adjacent to the Arboretum Heempark. Guests can explore the center’s herb garden during their visit and learn everything there is to know about nature. The ever-changing exhibitions educate visitors on local ecosystems and wildlife.

The center hosts activities during school holidays that correspond to Poppy’s current exhibitions. There are also several children’s activities that can be booked for fun and educational birthday parties. Some fun activities include:

  • A compass tour where children explore the wilderness using just a compass to guide them.

  • Ditch tracking lesson using field glasses, fish nets and magnifying glasses. Kids uncover what is swimming, what is growing and how animals close out.

  • Foxes tour where kids explore the life of a fox. Not only will you learn how to track foxes, but you will also learn how to move like a fox too. Kids receive a real fox diploma once the tour is complete.

  • Bats in the Night. Kids receive a backpack filled with facts and games about bats. They also get their own “bat detector,” which detects inaudible bat sounds and makes them audible.

The Poppy Nature and Environment Centre also serves several cycling and walking routes in Delft, including:

  • The Green Ridge Thanthof West (nature walk)

  • Caterpillars Walk in the Arboretum Heempark

  • Bieslandse Polderroute bike trail

  • GPS trail in the center of Delft

  • Purple Path Poles

  • 50 Points Trail

  • Two Molentje Vaart and Nootdorpse Lakes nature walk.

Routes are all created with the help of volunteers. The staff at Poppy can also help you get in touch with a naturist who can guide your group’s walking or cycling trip.

Opening Hours

Visiting hours for Poppy are:

  • Monday – Friday from 10AM until 5PM

  • Sunday – 1:30PM until 3:30PM

The center is closed on Saturdays, and admission is free. You can access Poppy via Bus 81, which stops at the corner of Korftlaan.

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