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The Postcard Experience – Tell your Amsterdam story in a movie

Postcard Experience

Living in a world full of social media and on-line communication, there is a very high interest in sharing your trip experience with your friends and family in the shortest way possible. So besides updating your status on various social platforms, you can film your own video of the visit to Amsterdam and show it to whoever you want. The Postcard Experience is a small studio and attraction in the heart of Amsterdam that offers a brand new way of telling where have you been and what did you see. You can even film activities that you didn`t actually do. The studio is part of the Green Screen Concept business that features travel productions.

Real or virtual?

Let’s say you want to go for a ride on the roller coaster but didn’t have the means, you can always choose that theme in the Postcard Experience studio and upload the finished movie postcard, so everybody can enjoy this funny experience. The studio includes various themes regarding Amsterdam or the Netherlands and gives you the opportunity to play in your own movie. They will place you in front of a green screen that is part of the different chromakey entertainment solutions; all you need to do is smile and have a good time. This is a brilliant way of spending some family time too. The children will be more than happy with the outcome. You can have fun in the city, drive beside the windmills, run on green meadows and do many other things. You can than decide to receive the short movie by e-mail or on a windmill USB directly in the studio.

Visitor information

The Postcard Experience studio is situated in the central part of Amsterdam, on the street named Utrechtsedwarsstraat, near some very famous shopping streets. You can get there bay car, bicycle or public transport. Take the tram number 4 and exit at the stop Prinsengracht or hop on the Metro and exit on the stop Weesperplein. The studio is open year round from 12:00 to 7:00 pm. They are closed only on New Year’s Day (January 1st) and Kings’ Day (April 26). The price for a movie is 15 EUROS. Children under the age of 5 can do it for free.

The Postcard Experience – Tell your Amsterdam story in a movie

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