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Prinsenhof Museum in Delft

Prinsenhof Museum Delft

A tour in the beautiful city of Delft will be more than an exciting adventure by visiting the Prinsenhof Museum. If you want to get in touch to the deep history of the Dutch’s society, the Prinsenhof Museum is a must-visit place for you and your friends.

It will let visitors imagine the time where nationalism is at the heart of the Dutch people which led to the freedom and equality that the Dutch Society now truly enjoys. Discover the rich heritage that gives the place even more value as the heart of Dutch’s Nationalism.

Brief History

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The Prinsenhof Museum was established during medieval times as religious monastery, but during Calvinist reformation the monastery was abolished and transformed consequently to become the home of William of Orange. But unfortunately the Protestant Netherlands was under the control of Catholic Spain thus making a great gap between the idealism of Catholics and Protestants.

Due to his idealism of equality among Spanish Catholics and Dutch Calvinist, he was later killed in this house in 1584. Today it now stands as the City’s Principal Museum and houses to prestigious paintings of famous artist from Golden Age.

What to Expect

The Prinsenhof Museum is a significant place in Dutch history. As you stroll around the house, the walls retain the holes where William of Orange was killed. It is the main attraction in this museum. It will give the visitors the chance to discover how the Dutch society lived during the 16th century.

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With the help of the tour guides, the visitors will be introduced to the times where William of Orange lived in a society where religious tolerance is not an option. The bullet holes will give visitors the inner sentiments of nationalism of the Dutch people. It was intentionally preserved to make the future visitors of the Prinsenhof museum see the significance of the historical event.

You will also see the famous paintings of different Dutch painters that significantly contribute to the greater enlightenment of Dutch society during reformation. Discover the importance of historical object through the help of guided tours or with the aid of video presentations.

The museum also offers seminars, meetings and other academic field trips that would widen your knowledge in the Dutch history. There are also souvenir shops where you can choose from different options like informative books, souvenir items, collectibles and other items which surely made your tour worth remembering.

The Prinsenhof museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. It closes during Christmas, New Year and other regular holidays.

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