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Rat Verlegh Stadion in Breda

Rag Verlegh Stadion

A multipurpose stadium in Brabant’s Breda, the Rat Verlegh stadium is the home of the association football club NAC Breda from 1996 to date. The stadium has a layout that is similar to the average Dutch stadium. The fanatic NAC fans are based on the stands behind the goal. In the east stand is the B-side, and Vak G is on the west stand. The stand for the opponents is located next to Vak G while the northern stand is reserve for officials and sponsors.

The stadium initial capacity was just over 17000 but minor renovations and the introduction of a few standing places raised the capacity to 19000. The stadium opening on the 11th of August 1996 was with a friendly match between NAC and Brazilian Gremio (0-0). The stadium has been used for several intertoto matches, UEFA matches, international matches and concerts are also sometimes played at the stadium


NAC Breda’a board studied the possibility of either renovating their current NAC stadion which was located at Beatrixstraat or building a new stadium. The renovation of the new stadium proved to be too costly and in 1993 NAC Breda announced plans to build a new stadium. In agreement with the city of Breda, the ground near the Lunetstraat in Breda was allocated. Construction of the new stadium started on the 18th  of August 1995 and the stadium was inaugurated on the 11th of August 1996.

Since its inauguration, the stadium has been know by several names. It was first named after NAC former main sponsor FUJIFILM stadium between 1996 and 2003. It than took the name Mycom Stadium from 2003 to 2006 and in 2006 it was named after NAC most famous player, Antoo Veriegh. The cost for building the stadium was  € 13.2 million.

NAC first official match was on the 16th of August 1996 playing against Dordrecht 90. The stadium has been host to various competitions, cup ties, friendly games, international games, intertoto and UEFA cup.

What To Expect

Rag Verlegh Stadion - Buitenkant

The Rat Verlegh stadion is a popular stadium that has undergone renovation several times to fixes its facilities and accommodates more people. Besides being able to watch various matches or events, the stadium also has lounges, cafe and many different rooms where various activities are undertaken


Tickets for the various games and events can be obtained either online or at the ticket box sales points, or the Service & Information counter at Rat Veriegh Stadion. When there are still available tickets, they can be obtained on the gate on the day of the match. Average individual ticket price is between € 12.50 and € 30.


Right under the stadium is the NAC museum which holds artifacts, photos, and movies of NAC’s history. The museum is sponsored by charity and NAC Breda an is developed and maintained by NAC fans.


Then there is a game or an event, attendance at the stadium is usually high. Expect the stadium to be full.


The stadium often accommodates a range of meetings, workshops, and presentations. There are several rooms of various sizes for that effect. Cafe Beatrix is known as the supporter’s cafe. It is often reserved for various purposes such as birthdays, anniversary or company function. There is a classic lounge and a very modern lounge suitable for various activities.

How To Get There

The Rat Verlegh Stadion is north-east of the city of Breda 2 kilometer from the city center and ½ from the city main train station. Public transport, the stadium can be reached by taking the bus. Take bus 2 from the main train station toward Haagse Beemden. The ride will take about 12 minutes and then get off at stop NAC Stadion. There are buses passing four times an hour.

By car the stadium can be reached either from motorway A16, which runs west of the city, take exit 17 Breda-Noord, turn toward the city and follow for the ccenter, or motorway A27 exit 16 Breda-Noord.


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