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Reptile House De Aarde

Reptielenhuis De Aarde Breda - Kaaiman

Breda is filled with a rich history and spectacular culture.  Within its borders you can find the Reptile House De Aarde.  This is one of the very first zoos that are made official in Breda.  The main aim of this mini-zoo is the care for reptiles.  Children as well as adults can look and hold some of their inhabitants, while also learning about the animal’s origin, feeding and breeding habits.

They care for a range of different species.  Their enclosures are larger than the standard which provides the animals with a greater well-being.  Each has its own habitat where the temperature can be regulated and care provided as is required.  It provides not only for a great time with the family, but also for an educational outing.


Reptielenhuis De Aarde Breda - Binnen

The owner is a vivid reptile hobbyist and devoted to this zoo.  Started through the passion and love for reptiles, the zoo is now providing the city of Breda with a great attraction.  Their prices are quite great and they offer so much in return, that this is a must visit for residents and tourists alike.

Reptiles have been around for millions of years, evolving to an advanced species just like we have evolved as a race.  They have adapted to their surroundings and many live on land while others live in water.  There are many tales surrounding the origin of each reptile.  Some have gone extinct and others have survived.  Learn more by visiting the Reptile House De Aarde in Breda.

What To Expect

Reptielenhuis De Aarde Breda - Kikker

What you will find here is a variety of reptiles from all over the world, over and above the range of other animals they also host there.  You can see some horses, snakes along with crocodiles, to name but a few of their inhabitants.  Whether you are a tourist or a local, experience the wild in a small way by visiting the Reptile House De Aarde.

They also prefer to keep the bookings small.  This provides for a concentrated experience, also aiding in the staff being able to provide answers to any and all questions.  You can see the feeding of a wide selection of reptiles, life through their different reactions and habits.  Learn how their venom works, why they eat only selected food sources as well as their natural behaviors in the wild.

Feel the texture of their skins, their hides or shells.  Experience a cultural sensation and enjoy a day out.  Take the family or go alone, the option is yours, but be sure to not miss out while in Breda.

Reptiles and Animals

They host an amazing array of species at the Reptile House De Aarde.  The enclosures are quite large, this provides for a more relaxed and natural environment.  Offering the visitor with a greater understanding in addition to a greater view.

You can have a look at the Lizards, Horses, Tortoises and Crocodiles.  See some amazing Toads, Frogs and Salamanders.  Touch or hold a Snake, see the Scorpions, spiders and so much more at the Reptile House De Aarde in Breda.

Additional Information

They can also be contacted for group tours and school tours over and above their courses in terrarium science.  You can host your child’s party there or schedule a meeting at their lovely premises.  They have so much to offer, be sure not to miss out.

How To Get There

This zoo is family owned and it is located in the northern part of the city at 26 Aardenhoek, Breda.  It is located roughly 5 KM from the University.

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