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Rotterdam Airport

Rotterdam Airport

Rotterdam Airport is the Netherland’s third largest airport and less crowded then Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. After World War II, the Dutch government realized that they needed a second national airport to handle the amount of air traffic. They already had an international airport, but it was heavily damaged by the Germans in the war. Construction began in 1955 and the airport officially opened in 1956. The airport grew steadily until the 1970s, where a decline in airline traffic threatened the airport with closure. However, the economic boom in the 1990s caused the airport to see an increase in traffic thus avoiding the airport’s closure.


Today the Rotterdam continues to be an international airport which hosts airlines such as Air France, Arkefly, British Airways, and Turkish Airlines. Other airlines are also hosted at the Rotterdam, and passengers can book flights all over the European Union as well as to other destinations that are outside of the European continent. Because the Rotterdam offers international flights, passengers can expect to fly on well known aircrafts such as the Boeing 737 and the Airbus A320.


There certainly is enough parking space at the airport and you have the option to park closer to the entrance for a little extra in costs. The last time used the Airport to take a flight to France I booked the parking online and entered my license plate number, which should have been automatically detected when closing to the entrance gate and open it for me… this was not the case however (malfunction of some sort) and I had to get a ticket, but at the information desk they were quickly able to solve this problem.

Shops and what to do

In 2010 the Rotterdam serviced over one million passengers. There are many different areas of interest in the airport such as the information desk, shopping, restaurants, and services for the disabled. The information desk is where you will go to find flight related information. It is open daily from 8:30 in the morning until the last flight at night. At the information desk, people can find assistance with flight information, information regarding their journey, information about the Rotterdam itself, and public transportation. The information desk can also provide people with fax services as well.

If you are in between flights and need to kill some time, the Rotterdam features a wide variety of shopping. The AKO shop offers a wide variety of national and international books, newspapers, magazines and even comic books. If you are looking for more general items, the Rotterdam airport shop will have a selection of travel necessities like toiletries. It also is a gift shop that features perfumes, cosmetics, liquors, jewelry, and china.

If you aren’t in the mood for shopping the Rotterdam is also host to a variety of restaurants and cafes. The is the Restaurant de Horizon is a general seating restaurant where you can sit down to eat. There is also the Espresso bar which features fresh coffee and pastries. If you need some food to just grab and go, you can go to either the self service restaurant or the Sandwich corner. Lastly if you want to have a few adult beverages, there is a Bar and Terrace on the first floor that has a nice outdoor view.

For handicapped customers, you will find assistance anywhere at the Rotterdam. You will simply want to look for the information columns that are located at the entry to Arrival and the the departure columns. Additionally you can contact airport security for assistance and they will be able to help you.