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The Rotterdam Public Transport Museum

Openbaar vervoer museum Rotterdam

The Openbaar Vervoer Museum Rotterdam (public transport museum) in Rotterdam offers visitors a truly unique opportunity to learn about the past and present of public transport in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and around the world. Originally started as a private collection by transport enthusiast Andre Krieg, the collection quickly grew into a small museum which opened its doors in 1984. In 1990, the museum moved to its present home at the Oostplein Metro Station, where there is even more space for the extensive displays. For many visitors, the exhibitions prove to be a trip down memory lane, as they are reminded of the vehicles of their childhood. Due to its location in one of Rotterdam’s metro stations, the museum is easy to find, and is well worth a visit if you are passing through Rotterdam and have time to spare.


The museum features exhibitions about public transportation from all over the world, from the early beginnings of mass transport systems, right up to the present day. Whilst the museum does not contain any full size vehicles (due to space constraints), there is a large collection of scale models for visitors to admire. To complement these models, there are photographs, blueprints and drawings of various different modes of public transport. Old network maps give visitors the opportunity to consider the expansion of well known public transport networks over time, before they grew into the networks which are so recognisable today. For those visitors who are more interested in the personal aspects of public transport, there are also some examples of the uniforms which were worn by transport workers, and the early examples of public transport schedules from around the world. The curator of the museum is always interested in people’s experiences and personal photos of public transport, so feel free to take your own pictures along with you to donate to the collection.

Rotterdam Electric Tram

The Rotterdam Electric Tram (RET) company has a special room at the museum, which is dedicated to the history of the electric tram in Rotterdam. Many of the items in this area have been donated by the RET company, and provide an interesting and informative insight into the operations of the company in the city.

Visitor Information

The museum is open every Saturday and Sunday, from 11AM until 6PM. Entrance for adults costs €2.50, tickets for children under 12 and for those aged 65 and over cost €1.50 per person. Museumkaart holders and Rotterdampas holders can get into the museum for free.

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