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Saint Michael’s Church – Sittard

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The Saint Michael’s Church is a very interesting building in the historic centre of Sittard, a Dutch city in the province of Limburg where you can find a great number of monuments worth seeing. This particular church (known as St. Michielskerk in Dutch) was built in 1681 and is considered to be a baroque structure.

An interesting set of events

When you enter Saint Michael’s Church, you will notice a sculpture not so common for this kind of buildings. It is a lion that immortalizes a curious event when a circus lion walked into the church during a mass. He was quite and walked around observing the persons present in the church and all the other objects. Finally his owner came and managed to catch him so nobody was hurt. Another quite interesting fact is that the church was disguised as a brewery in the 17th century for a short period after which the structure was destroyed by fire and rebuilt. You will certainly notice the nine stained glass windows from the 1893 representing God, Jesus and all the other saints. Last but not least, the main altar is a unique sight in the Netherlands. You will definitely be captured by its ornaments, figures and colors.

Visitor information

The Saint Michael’s Church is open on different days in accordance to the ceremonies’ schedule, so we advise you to check it before planning your visit. However, it seems to be open on Saturdays from 2 to 4 pm. It is located in the historic city centre so it’s easily accessible on feet if you are visiting the other buildings nearby.

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