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Saint Peter’s Church – Sittard

Photo by: sittard365.com

Photo by: sittard365.com

The Saint Peter’s Church is a magnificent building in the centre of Sittard, a Dutch city in the province of Limburg. Its historic centre features a great number of monuments worth seeing. The Saint Peter’s Church, also known as Grote Kerk or Big Church because of its dimensions, is definitely one of them.

A 50 bells melody

Saint Peter's Church - SittardOne of the first things to notice about the Saint Peter’s Church is definitely its age. Dating from the 13th century, it bears great historic value even dough it did suffer from a fire in 1677 and a lightning strike in 1857. The oldest part of the structure is the gothic cruciform house composed by bricks and marlstone, built in 1292. Other interesting elements are the choir stall, the statue of Saint Peter and the 50 bells. The choir stall, or the place that provides seating for the clergy, is maybe one of the oldest in the Netherlands. It can surprise you with very interesting paintings featuring fantastic creatures or the very famous dog Laika. The mentioned statue of Saint Peter looks at you from a height of 8 meters and shows the importance of this Saint for the believers. Least but not last, the 50 bells can compose a beautiful melody that will accompany you through your visit.

Visitor information

The Saint Peter’s Church is open on different days in accordance to the ceremonies’ schedule, so we advise you to check it before planning your visit. It is located in the historic city centre so it’s easily accessible on feet if you are visiting the other buildings nearby. You will find it on the Kerkplein Street.

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