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Science Centre Delft

Science Centre in Delft

The Science Centre Delft in Delft is the headquarters of the latest research and science development. The scientists try as much as possible to come up with real duplicates of the laboratory equipment that aims to describe the reality. Science Centre Delft has a research program where everybody can participate. This laboratory tools are the replicas of what the real companies are using in their laboratory experiments.

The visitors will have the opportunity to view the research materials and the end products of each project. The Science Centre Delft encourages the visitors to participate in every science experiments which allow everybody to share their inputs, thus making the tour more fun.

The Science Centre Delft is the perfect place to release the scientist within you. This gives the visitors to explore the endless possibility of science and this tour is the visit worth trying for with your family and friends.


The Science Centre in Delft was originally created as the center of research for Technology University which was primarily built as the Royal Institute. Its main objective is to train civil workers for the Southeast Asian mission. The Center had improved drastically in terms of research and educational program thus becoming the first Technological institute in Delft.

What to Expect

Science Centre in Delft is a state of the art technological institute where the visitors are allowed to see and experience the advance research that the Institute is undertaking. Here you will encounter different high tech facilities that companies usually employ. You will be able to experience firsthand the latest technology and research which will enable visitors to advance their knowledge in the field of Science.

Different workshops are available for visitors to enhance their scientific skills and knowledge. The visitors are also given the chance to take the real test for themselves thus allowing them to experience the real thing and encouraging each visitor to give inputs thus the exchange of knowledge makes easier to flow in an academic environment.

The state of the art technology gives an impression that the Dutch Society has truly evolved into a more advanced and modernized technology. This makes it very promising for future research and experiments. These visits really transform every visitor to encourage their inquisitive nature thus allowing each individual to develop their potential in the world of scientific research studies.

How to Get There

The Science Centre in Delft is open on Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. It is closed during Monday. During Saturday and Sunday it is open from 11:00 to 5:00 pm. Getting to the Science Centre in Delft is so easy because there are available transportation vehicles that would help you to get in there.

If you are coming from the Ypenburg Airport you can take a taxi ride which only takes about 17-35 minutes to Science Centre in Delft. But if you’re just checked in one of the nearby hotels you can take a walk which is ideal for exploring even more the beauty of the Delft City.

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