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Sonnenborgh observatory - Outside
Do you want to know the secrets of the sky? Explore the mysteries of the stars and other heavenly bodies along with your family and friends? Unearth the mystery of the former Bastion of Utrecht with its breath taking scenery and eye opening heavenly realities that will take you to another world? Discover the wonders and enjoy the secrets of the Sonnenborg Museum and Observatory with your family and friends.


The original location of Sonnenborgh Museum and Observatory was located in one of the strongest and ancient fortress in Utrecht. The Sonnenborgh Museum and Observatory was primarily set as a Utrecht University observatory and was established in 1642. But it was eventually transferred in 1853 to its present day location because of the damages that made the building irreparable.

It was also the first station of the weathering forecasting system in Netherlands during 1854 to 1897. It is also the first Observatory that was made open for public viewing.

What To Expect

Sonnenborgh Museum and Observatory is a place for people who love to discover the secrets of heavenly bodies. It offers many insights on how people unravel the mystery of the stars, moon, and other phenomenon that often amaze its spectators with such great awe and amusement.

Sonnenborgh observatory - Inside

Five Huge Telescopes

Here you can find the main attraction of this museum. This Five Telescope encompasses the eyes of many spectators throughout the years. People are often amazed how these telescopes stand the test of time. Actually the oldest telescope can be dated back more than 150 years. Here people can gaze through the stars during evening tour visits. You can see how the stars differ from each other.

Here you can observe how the moon shines at night with all of its craters. The most recommended time to visit this museum is during the night where you can see more clearly through the help of these telescopes and the beauty of the night with all of the glittering lights of the stars.

Ellemeet Meteorite

One of the most spectacular attractions here in this museum is the meteorite which was found on one of the city near Utrecht. It is composed of significantly 5 meteorites and was kept in the safe where there is one significant thing that happens in this museum which is related to this meteorite. It was allegedly stolen by some thieves who reportedly have no intention to steal the meteorite. Likewise it was found by some tennis players in one tennis court when they were looking in the grasses for their tennis ball.

How To Get There

Sonnenborgh Museum and Observatory is open from Tuesday to Friday 11am – 5pm and Sunday 1 – 5pm. There are available transportation vehicles that you can use to get to Sonnenborgh Museum and Observatory. If you are coming from the airport you can take a ride the direct train to Utrecht Centraal Station which usually takes about 31-45 minutes. From Utrecht Centraal Station you can take a taxi ride to Sonnenborgh Museum and Observatory which usually takes 17-21 minutes.

Address: Zonnenburg 2, 3512 NL Utrecht

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