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Speelgoedmuseum Deventer: The Toy and Tin Museum

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The Toy and Tin Museum in Deventer is more than just a museum; it is a toy wonderland, the most desirable location for children, and a place where adults go to revisit their childhood days.  The museum’s wide choice of games and toys shares the joys of childhood. Housed in a quaint house, a tourist attraction itself, the Museum is necessary for kids.


The location of the museum occupies two houses, Vogelsang and Kroonenberg, dating from 16th century. An interesting fact is that one of the museum’s oldest dolls is as old as the museum’s building.  The toy inventory of the museum was originally collected by the painter Jan Stekelenburg, while the tinware was given by the manufacturers, Thomassen and Drijver. Over the time, the museum evolved to an interactive center, that besides telling the story of past times through its artifacts, helps the visitors and families stay connected  through its activities.

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What to expect

The visitors are given the opportunity to choose among several exhibitions such as dollhouse exhibition, including and presenting the dollhouses from 1850 until the present day, and dolls exhibition, special for having the previous owner’s stories included in it. Another interesting exhibition is “Play with your eyes” which presents optical toys that take you back to pre-TV and pre-Internet era, thus enhancing the imagination of every child.

“Play at the attic” is another showcase set for the young and the old at the attic, where they can build things with Lego or Kapla blocks. The vehicle lovers are offered a wide choice of transport toys, covering every vehicle from the carriage to the rocket. The choice also includes board games, as well as shows which are staged on Wednesday and Saturday afternoon at 2 p.m.

Beware of the working schedule for the fall and winter holidays as the working hours are changed then. The museum does not work for New Year’s and similar holidays, however there is always a special exhibition happening somewhere in Deventer, so at least part of it can be experienced.

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How To Get There

The museum is located on Brink 47, in a sweet medieval, quaint building, just behind the site of a church. The place is easy to reach on foot, if you are taking a walk along some of the meandering alleys and streets. However, if you travel from a far, the options are either train or car.  The easiest way to reach the museum from the train station is to cross the road and walk straight into Kreizerstraat, from there reach “de Waag” which is placed in front of the museum building.

If you come by your own car, the best way is to follow the signs, for town’s downtown, from the road A1. Once you reach the city, you can leave the car at the Wilhelminabrug parking area, a place 100 m away from the marvelous Toys and Tin Museum. Let’s race who will get there first!

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