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Splashtours Rotterdam

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Rated as one of the top ten activities to try in Rotterdam, the Splashtours “Amphibian Bus” offers a unique view of the city – by land and by water. With multiple tours given per week and a convenient departure location at the Parkhaven, opposite the Euromast, this exciting attraction is consistently voted “a must” while visiting the city.

Splashtours Rotterdam 2Created by four entrepreneurs, with a development time of four years, the “Amphibian Bus” became the first vehicle in the world that could be navigated on roads and water alike. The first official Splashtours of Rotterdam ticket was purchased in April of 2010 and continues to attract adults and children alike to this day.

In order to meet guidelines of both the road and the sea, the Splashtours vehicle had to be constructed like no other. The seating capacity is only 43 and minimal storage is provided per person. There are also no toilet facilities and it is not accessible for wheelchairs or pets. Despite these restrictions, online reviews of Splashtours are very favorable – most visitors stating this tour is well worth the cost and that children are certain to be impressed by the “splash” the bus makes once it leaves land and enters the water.

Splashtours Rotterdam 3 dinnerAnother great perk of the Splashtours experience is that many surrounding activities can be combined with this package. Many people who purchase a Splashtours ticket also choose to add on a visit to the Euromast, with spectacular views of the ports and city skyline, as well as many famous structures throughout the city. Those individuals, over the age of six, can choose to partake in the Lasergame feature in addition to the tour. Since the Splashtours arrival and departure is next to the entrance of Lasergame Rotterdam, this package becomes fun and convenient as well. Lastly, since the SS Rotterdam, the largest passenger ship ever built in the Netherlands, is docked in Katendrecht – adjacent to Splashtours – tickets to see this vessel, inside and out, have also become very popular.

In addition to Splashtours being a favorite tourist attraction, many locals find themselves reserving this amazing bus for company, family and group outings as well. The “Amphibian Bus” has hosted anniversaries, birthday parties, office gatherings and even school trips – those who make reservations for such occasions can determine the route of the tour and even arrange catering for everyone on board. In fact, a nearby eatery for all ages, Restaurant de Zwarte Zwaan, offers deals that can be combined with your Splashtours experience and their organization, Zwarte Zwaan Events, promises to take your event to a whole new level. Regardless of your age or interests, Splashtours can easily provide fun for anyone willing to step aboard.

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Official website: http://www.splashtours.nl/en/