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St. Jacobus Church – Dedicated to St. James the Greater

Jacobuskerk The Hague - outside

The St. Jacobus Church (St. James Church in English) is a Roman Catholic parish church located on Parkstraat in The Hague. Thanks to the church’s architectural history, the structure is now considered a historical monument. As its name suggests, the church is dedicated to St. James the Greater and still serves as a place of worship to this day.

St. Jacobus Church Construction

Jacobuskerk The HagueConstruction of the church began in 1875 after a generous donation was made by Mrs. Meijer-Hovius. The cost to build the church would equate to € 225,000 today. Pierre Cuypers was the famous architect who designed the church and St. Jacobus is the only structure in the city designed by him. The neo-Gothic style is a three-aisled basilica. Its tower is one of the highest in The Hague (and all of the Netherlands) standing at 90 meters.

The interior of the church features a beautifully ornate shrine to the patron saint and can accommodate up to 1,100 people. St. Jacobus church was added to the monument list in 1975.

Since its construction, the church has undergone three restorations: 1973 (interior), 1992 (tower) and 2001 (general). The 2001 renovation took nearly a decade to complete. Its interior features classic neo-Gothic decorations, including stained glass windows and tiled floors. Not only is it a place of worship, but a work of art as well.

St. James Organ

The church’s organ is the largest in The Hague with 57 registers. Part of the present day organ was built by PJ Adema & Sons in 1891 and was first housed in the Spaarne Church n Haarlem. The organ was moved in 1976 to St. James and combined with its existing organ.

Visiting St. James Church

The church has its own Monastic store in which visitors can purchase food, religious art, craft items and candles. The shop is open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 2PM and 6PM.

Daily mass is held at 12:45PM throughout the week. On Thursday and Friday, an evening mass is also held at 7:15PM. Sunday masses are held at 9AM (English liturgy), 10:15AM Latin High Mass and 12PM (Dutch Chants). The church is open until 4PM on Saturdays for locals and tourists to view the church, pray and light a candle. During the week (with the exception of Friday), the church is open to the public between 1:30PM and 3PM. All patrons are welcome to join any of the church’s daily masses.

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