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Stedelijk Museum Zwolle

stedelijk museum zwolle

If you really love art, then the Stedelijk Museum is a must see. Nestled in the old, medieval town of Zwolle, it is among streets and buildings that have witnessed some of the most stunning immersions of modern art. The Stedelijk Museum Zwolle dates back to 1883.

Inside the Stedelijk Museum

When first developed, this museum had no heating and the art was kept in less than ideal conditions. However, with several renovations, the museum is now home to some of the most historic and well-known art and collections, housed in the old and new portions of the building. The building works to help bring past and the present together. The latest building that was constructed of all steel and glass and is home to the temporary exhibitions, as well as a coffee shop (yes the one where you actually drink coffee) and cinema.

Exhibitions at the Stedelijk Museum

If you are looking for a full cultural and historical experience, this is the museum for you. The exhibitions, both temporary and permanent, work to build two different worlds together, including work from Hendrick ten Oever and Pieter van Noort, as well as contemporary culture and art, from more recent and modern artists.

According to the mission statement of the museum, they are working to confront the past and the present exhibitions in cultural history where contemporary art and current events are housed alongside cultural history.

When you visit, you will be able to see the traveling exhibitions, which are just passing through, as well as those that are permanently housed at this location. If you plan carefully, you may be able to catch a glimpse of extremely unique artwork.

What to Do while at the Museum

You can schedule a tour for you and your group when you visit the Stedelijk Museum; however, you also have the option to tour on your own. It is highly suggested that you take the tour, since you will be able to get the whole experience, and learn the history of the building, along with the artwork that is housed within.

While there, visiting the cozy coffee shop can provide you with something that is extremely appealing. You will receive a mandatory and free cup of coffee and cake, and you will also receive a coupon for 50 percent off your next visit to the museum. This can be extremely appealing and ensure that you come to visit time and time again.

Events at The Stedelijk Museum Zwolle

There are multiple events taking place at this museum. From holiday and special events, to kid’s experiences, this can provide history and culture to the next generation. To discover what is coming up at the museum, you should look at their site.

When you are ready to experience history and culture, then you should take time to schedule a visit to the Stedelijk Museum Zwolle. Here you can experience art and culture all at once, and enjoy the picturesque surroundings of Zwolle.

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