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Taking pictures at the Red Light District?


Last week I visited Amsterdam again and was witness of a loud discussion between a ‘lady of the night’ and a tourist couple. Well it wasn’t really a discussion… and the lady of the night was the only angry one, the couple just seemed to be embarrased by all the fuzz. Apparently the couple was walking around through the red light district, as most tourist do, and taking pictures. I’m not sure if they were just taking global pictures of the street or really of the ladies. But as you can imagine privay is a high priority in the Red Light District. Most girls don’t want to be posted like that on the internet, where their picture could be found for the rest of their lives, and most customer like their privacy too.

I’ve even read stories of angry tourists who claim their camera was taken away after making pictures. It appeared they were standing in front of the windows and making detailed pictures of the women. In my opinion this is very disrespectfull and obvious that it will anger the ladies and their ‘bosses’/security. So make sure you’re not upsetting anyone when taking pictures, and when in doubt, just ask.