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Terschelling Beach – Fun in the Sun



Those looking for an unforgettable vacation will find that the beach in Terschelling has a lot to offer. Not only is this beach perfectly situated on the western Frisian Islands, but it is filled with fun and excitement all year long. The water is famed for its clarity and the sunsets are unmatched in most of the world.

The beach itself is surrounded by dunes which makes it feel like a little getaway. This adds to the overall ambiance of the beach and is truly the reason that most people walk the beach at night. When timed correctly, it can be the most serene walk you have ever experienced. Those that want to have a little fun are in for a surprise.

Water Sports

There are a plethora of water and beach-related sports played at all times. Many locals can be seen playing volleyball, oftentimes without a regulation net, or people can be seen playing in the water. Swimming and diving are two of the obvious sports seen on the beach.


Once you walk near the beach, you will notice the immense amount of bikes. Most residents will bike to the beach which provides a quiet atmosphere at all times of the year.


Those not used to the area will find that dogs roam freely on the beach. This is allowed by law and should not alarm you. Aggressive dogs are obviously not allowed to roam around without an owner present. It is advised not to alarm the animals whenever possible.

Heartbreak Hotel

Right on the beach will be the pavilion dubbed the Heartbreak Hotel. This hotel is the perfect balance between everything Elvis, with a mix of Dutch influence. Outdoor seating is available which allows guests to soak in the sun even while they eat.

This “hotel” turns into a beautiful nightclub at night and will allow anyone to enjoy spending time with the locals and making friends. This is the hotspot in Terschelling and is one venue that you must go to.

Day Tours

Those that want to really enjoy everything that the island has to offer will find that day tours are available. Purr is the optimal choice and they have something very special waiting for you – horse rides on the beach. This allows you to relax and learn all about the beach’s history.

Terschelling beach is the perfect beach getaway for friends and family alike. With clean sandy beaches, beautiful sunsets and magnificent water, this is one of the top beaches in the Netherlands.