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The Amsterdam Flower Market

Amsterdam Flowermarket

Amsterdam has thousands of great things that you absolutely must go and see when you visit, and in my opinion the Flower Market is definitely one of them.

The Singel is a canal in Amsterdam, and it is extremely well-known for its amazing flower market which on its own brings a fair share of business to the city. This marketplace is a throwback to an older era when flowers and plants were shipped into Amsterdam to be sold by barges and ships.

Although flowers are no longer brought in this way, instead shipping in via road every day. The floating market itself was first held back in the early 1860s, and it has since become the premium flower market in the whole of the Netherlands. The selection of flowers alone makes the market worth visiting, as it does create an outstanding backdrops next to the water.

You will come across anything from Dutch tulips to indoor plants that really make you intrigued! Along the whole Canal are a variety of souvenir shops who all have characteristics of their own and great gifts that you need to check out.

The Flower Market is open every day between 9 AM and 5:30 PM, and especially at this time of year as we head towards the Fall and the Winter, you will notice that the market turns a fantastic green hue with the Christmas trees and festive decorations adding another level of character and friendship to the Flower Market here in Amsterdam.

If you are in Amsterdam and wish to see the sights and the tourist attractions, then cannot miss the Flower Market. The mesmerizing colors, the sheer variety of what is on display and also the amount of people who visit here every day is a perfect opportunity to meet natives of Amsterdam and really enjoy the entire city, rather than just the shops or the cafes.

Amsterdam is a city rich with culture and heritage, and its famous Flower Market is one of the jewels in its crown. Although the flowers are not delivered by boat anymore, the ethics and the culture still remains strong and if you want to see a true flower market, then look no further than here in Amsterdam.

The market itself is literally worth coming to the city just to see, especially if you are a flower enthusiast. The different colors, the history, the people and the conversation makes the entire thing worthwhile!