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Theater de Muzeval Emmen

The Theater de Muzeval is a major center for the performing arts in the city of Emmen, the Netherlands. The local government had first commissioned the construction of the theater in the middle of the previous century, and the theater has served its purpose faithfully for several years. Many of the performances in the culture and arts have been witnessed in this historical landmark in Emmen.

A Brief History

The idea of building a theater in Emmen was first discussed in 1951. The city council decided that there was a need for a theater auditorium, and had resolved to convert the existing auditorium in the Municipal Comprehensive School into a theater. Thus, renovation was carried out and the old auditorium in the School was renovated into the Cochlear, a part of the Muzeval Theater. The theater was officially dedicated by the council on January 14, 1954. In attendance was the Minister of Education, Arts and Science of the time.

The name “Muzeval”, however, was not used before 1968 and 1969. This was also the year that the Theater was renovated and expanded to include a Foyer, the Piepzak, and a private entrance for VIPs. An administrative office was also built in that year. Further renovations took place in the 1980s, specifically in 1981 and 1985, mainly expansions to the current structure as well as including the additions of new portions of the Theater.

It is also currently being renovated with an eye for redesigning the building and also for developing a park around the theater itself. The project is expected to be completed in 2016, and is purportedly intended to enable the Theater to adjust and be relevant to the current times.

Since its inception, the Theater was used for performances as well as events organized by the two committees in charge – the theater and concert committees.

What to Expect

Tourists can expect to feel right at home the moment that they step into the Theater. Upon arrival, they will be greeted by a friendly and accommodating member of the staff, who will then proceed to giving you an introduction about the Theater and the upcoming performance that they are scheduled to attend in the venue.  Tourists can also enjoy a pre-theater pancake or tapas buffet.

The Theater is a busy place all year long. The committee takes care of organizing and scheduling 120 performances for the entire year. Tourists looking to attend certain events are encouraged to exert the effort of booking in advance. It is still possible to book tickets before a performance, but there is a chance that the venue is already fully booked a few days before the performance.

How to Get to the Theater

The Theater de Muzeval can be accessed via the south-bound leg of the Boermarkeweg, just after the crossing with the Oosterstraat. When driving, simply turn right at the first right-handed corner to reach the Theater. The Party Service de Muzeval is just across the street from the Theater.

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