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Things To Do On A Rainy Day – The Big List

Things to do on a rainy day

The Dutch are no stranger to rainy days, and even for those quite accustomed to rain, boredom can strike. That annoying feeling of not knowing what to do or where to go can really get on your nerves. And instead of annoying yourself and the people around you, you’d better come up with some great ideas. For those that need a little help with coming up with these ideas, I’ve created a list of things to do when it rains!

  • A really fun way to kill some time, at least for you that is, is driving around in your car on the lookout for some large pools of (rain)water next to the sidewalk and splash through them! Tip: extra fun when the pool of water is located in front of a crowded bus stop.
  • One of the activities most people opt for on a rainy day is watching a movie. Go get some popcorn and candy at the store and watch a few movies or maybe even better a complete season of tv series like. Don’t know what to watch? Head over to imdb’s top 250 movies of all time!
  • Gather some friends/family and play some of the board games you have stuffed in your closet somewhere.
  • Get lost on Facebook, checking the timelines of your friends and family or dig into your own timeline and see what you’ve posted throughout the years. Or maybe play some of the free games they have available.
  • Play your favorite video games or replay the ones you really liked. With online gaming you can even connect with friends/strangers while trying to blow their heads of with a sniper rifle.
  • Browse some recipe websites and find a great meal to cook, preferably one that takes some time to prepare. Write down the ingredients, go shopping, start cooking!
  • Another great option is learn baking cookies, they’ll taste great with a cup of tea while you’re watching your favorite movies.
  • Read a good book. A lot of people still have a book laying around they’ve been meaning to read.
  • Find a good DIY/crafts website and learn to make some really cool stuff yourself, many find it a very relaxing hobby.
  • Get lost on Youtube. Try some crazy searches on youtube, find bloopers, cat videos, scare pranks, beautiful travel videos, etc…
  • Browse and listen to your music collection, there’s probably so many mp3’s on your pc that you haven’t heard many of them in a long time.
  • Go to a nearby mall for some shopping, browsing and nice drink.
  • Start planning your next holiday by browsing the best travel sites and list the things you’d like to visit and see.
  • Make a bucket list of all the things you still want to do, see and experience in your life. And maybe you can already start planning of when to do some of them!
  • Go to your gym for a great workout, go out for a run (yes even while it’s raining), play squash, indoor tennis or whatever sports you like to do.
  • Find a great bar/cafe to have a drink in, there’s probably others to have a chat with or you can enjoy in silence.
  • Visit some great infotainment websites and find out how stuff works.
  • Go organize your photo albums, you can even make them available online for all your friends and family to see.
  • Start your own blog/website about whatever topic that interests you. Start reading in on how you can make your own website and have a go at it! There are several websites that allow you to create one for free! But if you wanna go pro, then register your own domain with a web-hosting plan.
  • Download or view some online yoga videos which help you to do yoga at home. It’s relaxing, healthy and fun.
  • Invite a friend (or more) for a cup of coffee and a chat.
  • Go to a pet shelter and help them out by adopting one of their pets.
  • Visit a forum which interests you and start engaging with the other users… or start a flame war!
  • Start cleaning up the attic. You’ll probably find some really fun/cool stuff that you didn’t know you still even had!
  • Visit a museum
  • Got to a casino and hope you win some.
  • Try to teach the pet that you’ve adopted from the pet shelter some tricks, so you can impress your friends and family when they visit.
  • Rearrange your house, move everything around to have a whole new look.
  • Browse through your collection comic books and find some to read.
  • Create a new workout mp3 collection for the next time you go to the gym.
  • Browse wikipedia to learn more about the stuff that interests you… for example your favorite actors, different cultures or countries you’d like to visit one day.
  • Learn the recipes from some of your favorite cocktails and start making and drinking them. This is probably more fun if you invite some of your friends.
  • Go outside and dance in the rain! You can even take some shampoo with you for a free shower.