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Station in Groningen

Getting around in Groningen is both affordable and enjoyable. With a combined area of 83.72 km2, there is much to see and do. There are also many different modes of transportation available to you by which you can view the city. Here are some of the most popular.


Getting to Groningen is not generally a problem, as the city is accessible by plane, train, bus and car. If you choose to travel by plane, it is important to note that there are a greater percentage of flights available during the summer months. All train routes into the city eventually end at the center of town, so no need to worry about where you will end up! With a city like this, getting there is only part of the fun.

Getting Around in Groningen

There are a number of methods of transportation within the city. The method you choose depends entirely upon your budget and preference. Here are the options you can choose from:


This is the number one way to get around in the city. A canal surrounds the center of the city, and traffic is severely limited within the city center. Bicycle travel is extremely affordable and most places can be accessed within 20 minutes. Groningen is a top five bicycle city. Over 57% of travel within the city is done on the seat of a bicycle, so you will certainly not be out of place choosing this method of transportation. It is wise to use a good lock however, as bicycle theft is pretty high within the city. Bicycles can be rented throughout the city, including at Central station, so if you ride in on a train or bus, you should be able to rent a bicycle directly from there.


If you are looking to travel longer distances, and don’t feel like pedaling or walking, then the bus would be your next best option. Prices are reasonable and tickets can be purchased directly from the drivers during the off-peak periods, or you can purchase an OV-chipcard to make the transaction even quicker.

The bus lines end or run through Central Station and the various lines can get you to the most popular attractions and sites.


It turns out that walking is still a mode of transportation! Who knew? The city of Groningen is designed for easy of access whether you are riding or walking. Due to the high restrictions motor vehicles it is both safe and enjoyable to view the city by walking. You could start off the day by taking a bus ride to one location, and then, depending on the weather, walk the rest of the day, or part of it. Not only will you see things while walking you might not see while riding, but you will be healthier for it as well.

Weather in Groningen

The average summer temperature in Groningen is around 72% (F) and there are some very rainy seasons as well. Be sure to check the local weather forecast before deciding on a method of transportation.

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