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Transportation in Venlo – Getting Around Town

Central Station Venlo

The city of Venlo is very accommodating when it comes to transportation. Tourists who are staying in town can make use of the local bus system, trains, taxis and even bicycles to see the sights. Those who plan on visiting multiple cities throughout their holiday can also rent a car for convenient travel at any time of day or night.

Getting to Venlo

There are three airports near Venlo, which include: Dusseldorf International Airport, Eindhoven and Airport Weeze. The airports in Cologne and Maastricht are still within reasonable distance to the city.

Venlo is a short two hour train ride from Amsterdam and only a 30 minute ride from Eindhoven. The local train station also has connections to the German cities of Cologne and Duisburg.

By Train

The Venlo central train station serves as a junction station. Here, travelers will find connections to the Dutch cities of Nijmegen, Roermond and Eindhoven. International routes are also available to nearby Germany cities. A large parking lot can be found at Venlo’s central train station for “park and ride” purposes.

By Bus

Travelers can reach different parts of town by using the local network of city buses. Many buses include routes to the city’s main tourist attractions.There are also regional bus systems that will take travelers to nearby towns. These buses are primarily served byVeolia. Both city and regional buses can be found in the front of the central train station as well.

By Bicycle and Foot

The Netherlands is a very bike-friendly country and the city Venlo is no exception to this rule. The city’s small size makes it ideal for biking or even exploring on foot. The only areas of town that are off limits to bikers are shopping centers.Several bike parking areas can alsobe found throughout the city and outside the train station for convenience.

Taxis and Car Rentals

Taxi services are also available in town, but can be expensive. Business travelers often use these services because of their convenience and reliability. Travelers are advised to contact the taxi service they are considering ahead of time to confirm rates and ensure availability.

Tourists can also rent a car to reach and explore Venlo. However, it is important to note that parking in the city can be expensive. Parking in many cities throughout the Netherlands can be costly, which is why many choose to travel by bicycle.