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Van Gijn House

Inside the Van Gijn House

Inside the Van Gijn House

The Van Gijn House is a museum in Dordrecht. It used to the house of banker and collector Simon van Gijn. Simon lived in the house untill his death from 1864 to 1922 and left the house including most of his collections to the Old Dordrecht Society. As per his wish the house and collection is publicly accessible and has been a museum ever since. The Interior and house is kept as much as possible in the orignal state (from 1999 to 2001 restoration works where done). While the house itself is most impressive, there is also a great collection of arts, crafts, toys and historical prints and drawings. Experience how the upper class lived in the 19th century.

A few of The Rooms

Van Gijn HouseThe house has some impressive rooms, like the dining room where Van Gijn often received guests:

Hall – a room decorated in the style of Louis XIV . The interior dates from before 1730 , more than a century before Simon van Gijn’s birth. The previous occupants of the house and Van Gijn himself made sure that this room remained unchanged. There is a clause in his will to secure it for the future.

De Vries Village Salon – this room was the domain of Cornelia Agatha Vriesendorp. Mrs. van Gijn recieved other “ladies of position’ in this room. A special feature of this room is the Spanish pink marble mantelpiece which was reconstructed in 2001.

Dining Room – Van Gijn was a distinguished and liked person in Dordrecht and regularly received guests for dinner. In 1886 he remodelled the room to have 17th century style.

The Garden Room – where residents and guests enjoyed a cup of tea and played the piano.

The kitchen – This large space has barely changed since the consturction of the house in 1729, although the stove and kitchenware are of later times. There’s a small pantry where canned vegetables and fruits were preserved and a small staircase leads to the basement that was used for the storage of wine.

Opening hours
Tuesday – Sunday 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
closed on 25 December and 1 January

Nieuwe Haven 30
NL – 3311 AP Dordrecht
Phone: +31 78 6398200

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