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Vermeer Center in Delft


If you are planning to visit the city of Delft, one of the most famous tourist spots you shouldn’t miss is the Vermeer Center. It will take you back to the time of the most glorious days of Dutch painting history. It is the perfect getaway for artistic people who simply love the arts of painting. It is also an ideal place to visit for the whole family and friends to understand the rich culture and heritage artistry of Dutch Society.


Vermeer Centrum is primarily established at the center of the local group of painters in Delft. This is where the famous John Vermeer was born and flourished as one of the most renowned painters during the Golden Age where the Dutch artistry is in its heights of glory. It is established to commemorate John Vermeer’s contribution in the field of painting and decimate information about his work’s and legacy.

What To Expect

One of the main attractions in the city of Delft is the Vermeer Centrum which is in commemoration to the famous painter john Vermeer and his fellow painters during his time. The Vermeer Centrum captures the hearts of many. It tells a story of the time of John Vermeer’s life, works, and legacy through guided tours where you will discover city of Delft during the 17th century.

Vermeer Center Delft - Replica's

In the center you will see some of his works, through the help of the tour guides you will be able learn the story behind each of his paintings. There is a particular room which is only dedicated to show how he created his works. These were the artifacts that were used by Vermeer to make his magnificent paintings like: search boxes, his old antique lenses, and the color pigments he used.

Through this you will learn the beauty of his paintings through in depth studies of materials used. Also through the help of the tourist guides you will able to know the places, his family and the historical background of Delft through the context of his flourishing talent.

There is also a souvenir bookshop on the ground floor where you can pick from different choices of books, poster cards, and other souvenir items. Also there is a coffee shop available for those who want to taste different pies and teas which you can enjoy different delicacies that the city of Delft wants to offer accompanied by classical music which makes your visit to Vermeer Center complete.

How To Get There

The Vermeer Center is open daily  form 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. It is usually closed during Christmas and New Year. Every Sunday, the schedule starts at 10:30 am. A free guided tour was offered in English but is limited only for 15 persons. Normal entrance fee starts at 8 euro. There are available transportation vehicles that you can use to go to Vermeer Center.

Address: Voldersgracht 21, 2611 EV Delft, Netherlands

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