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The Verzetsmuseum – Amsterdam during World War II

Verzetsmuseum Amsterdam

The Verzetsmuseum or the Dutch Resistance Museum is a building in the Plantage neighborhood in Amsterdam. The structure, built in 1876, bears the Star of David and the name of Petrus Plancius. It served for many different functions but is mostly famous for the Verzetsmuseum that features exhibits about the locals who fought the German occupation during World War II.

Memories and resistance hand by hand

Verzets Museum - zendkoffertje_sjoerdsma_1024The Dutch Resistance Museum holds a fascinating collection of memorabilia recording the activities of Dutch Resistance workers in World War II. It focuses on the courage of the 25,000 people actively involved in the movement. By 1945 there were 300,000 people hiding in the Netherlands, including Jews and anti-Nazi Dutch. Subsequent events organized by the Resistance are brought to life by exhibits in the Verzetsmuseum. One of the most important was the February Strike against deportation of the Jews. The exhibits also show where the refugees hid and how they smuggled the food in. On display are false documents, film clips, slide shows, photographs, weaponry and equipment. You have the feeling that you are walking through streets that tell you the stories of the German occupation during World War II. You will be able to see proofs of strikes, documents, underground newspaper, espionage and hear all about the everyday life of the refugees. The museum complements the Anne Frank house. She and her family were hidden in it for two years.

There is a separate part of the museum, called the Resistance Museum Junior, dedicated to children during the World War II. It features stories, belongings and other items that were part of the children’s life during that period. It is most suitable for children from the age of nine and it’s situated in the extension of the Verzetsmuseum.

Visitor information

The museum is open the whole year except for the 1st of January, 27th of April and 25th of December. The opening hours are: Tuesday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and all the public holidays from 11 am to 5 pm. The admission is 8 EUROS for adults and 4, 50 EUROS for children (7 – 15 years old). You can get a free audio guide for the permanent exhibition. The best way to get there is by tram (numbers 9 and 14) or by subway (numbers 51, 53, 54). The building includes a restaurant and shop where you can relax and buy some souvenirs.

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