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A Village Just for People with Dementia

In the town of Weesp in North Holland there’s a small ‘village’ called Hogeweyk that’s just for people suffering from dementia. The gated village was designed specifically for the care of elderly people suffering from dementia. With round the clock staff to provide the necessary care, the residents live quite happily. Customer satisfaction is rated at a 9.1 according to a survey in 2010 and CNN even stated this is the future for dementia care.

The entire living environment is set up so the demented can live life as they’re used to with the support and care that fits his or her needs. Every home has its own household. It’s safe to go outside and they can stroll around a park, the square, visit the supermarket, attend the theater or even go to a bar. The inhabitants are free (and safe) to be outside on there own. Hogeweyk has been praised in the media all over the world.

Hogeweyk Weest - Plattegrond genummerdAbove a plan of the community:

  1. The cultural garden
  2. A city park, with pond, trees and garden
  3. Theater square
  4. Boulevard
  5. Terraces and shopping area
  6. Green garden
  7. City Square
  8. Craft / Indian Garden

Hogeweyk Weest - vijver

Nothing more relaxing then the sound of water;)

Hogeweyk Weest - terras

Enjoying in the shade on the terrace

Hogeweyk Weest - terras van boven

Beautiful view from higher viewpoint

Hogeweyk Weest - straatje Hogeweyk Weest - plantsoen Hogeweyk Weest - huisjes

Pictures: niekroozen.com