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Watch out for racing cyclists


Although there are general rules and laws on how to behave in traffic, these don’t appear to be followed by one of the most dangerous and irritating road users: racing cylists. It’s good to see that cycling (race cycling) is a very popular national sport and that it inspires many people to do some healty activity during the week or in the weekend. But unfortunately when the cyclist is in his ‘zone’ he appears to have less attention for other road users. For example when I was riding quietly on my own (normal) bike and heard a loud yell behind me ‘AAN DE KANT!’ which means ‘OUT OF THE WAY!’. It startled me and a horde of cylists passed very closely to me, almost pushing me into the side of the road. For some reason race cycles do not have bells to warn other people… maybe it’s to heavy for them… but it is in fact required by law to have a bell on your bike! Let’s hope there will be some bell controls in the future:)

One other thing that is annoying is if they ride in large groups and take up too much space of the road… they don’t seem to realize they are not on a racing track where they can use all of the lanes. Giving priority is also pretty difficult for the racers. All in all I would be extra carefull around these racers. Some of them have underestimated the length of the route they are doing and when it gets a little darker outside before they are home they are very hard to spot… because of course they don’t have any lights on their bikes… sigh….