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Wezenlanden Park in Zwolle

Wezenlanden Park Zwolle

Wezenlanden Park is a welcome oasis in the city of Zwolle. Located at the edge of the city center and bordered by the Grand Wezenland, the Zwolle-Almelo channel and Assendorperdijk, it attracts thousands of visitors who come here to escape the hectic downtown atmosphere.

The surface of the park amounts to 21ha, making it the largest park in Zwolle. The park boasts with beautiful gardens and various leisure zones, where over the year many festivals take place, entertaining both the residents and visitors of Zwolle.


The park was officially opened in 1971. It was designed by urban architect Samuel Josua van Embden. The area of the present day park used to be frequently flooded by the tides of the Zuiderzee. In January 1916, its waters flooded the area heavily, so the need to “tame” the Zuiderzee could not be ignored anymore. The dam, Afsluitdijk, was built to enclose the waters of Zuiderzee.

The land of the present park for a couple of decades after the building of the dam was a marshy soil at the edge of the city downtown, a location with huge potential but little use. This called for the first plans to clear the land and make it useful. The plan of Samuel Josua van Embden was accepted and in 1950, the construction work on the park started.  The recent renovations of the park took place from 2006 to 2011 and upon their completion; the park got a beautiful garden, new skating rink, and street soccer field.

What To Expect

The park offers a bit of everything for everyone. The combination of greenery and water, intercepted by the paths and hiking trails, provides a tranquil setting to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the day stroll. The gardens of exquisite flowers and lovely fountain add a sophisticated tone to the park’s ambience.

Though the park normally reverberates to the sound of birds’ chirp, there are certain zones of park where this sound is silenced to the children’s laughter. There are several playgrounds, one of which is a wooden playground containing a real adventure course, wobbly bridge, climbing tower, two slides, cable car and rocking swings. The park also has courts, fields, rinks and pitches for various sports such as skating, soccer, basketball etc.
In addition, the park also has an area where various festivals take place. This area is located on the big lawn in front of the County Hall and it hosts monthly and annually held events such as the Liberation Festival, Balloons Festival, Circus, Citymoves, etc. The park is also pet-friendly. Dog-lovers will be particularly glad to learn that the park has a dog playground where your pet can run its heart out.

How to Get There

The park is within walking distance from the Zwolle’s downtown. It is also located opposite of the car park, so everyone driving can park their car outside the park, walk through this beautiful oasis of greenery and enter the world of concrete, urbane city.

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