Nieuwvliet Beach

Nieuwvliet is a small village in the Sluis municipality of the Zeeland province. This tiny coastal village has a population of just 459. The village is divided into two main areas: Nieuwvliet Village and Nieuwvliet-Bad.

Nieuwvliet Village is just 2km away from the coast. Nieuwvliet-Bad is the collective name of the area’s parks, camp sites and recreational areas. This is where the Nieuwvliet beach is located and is what attracts tourists each year.

Nieuwvliet History

Nieuwvliet is situated where the lost village of Sainte-Pier once stood. This area is now known as Old Nieuwvliet. The current Nieuwvliet-village is located just 2.2km east of the lost village and was founded in 1602. The Spaniards built a ramp here and gave it the name St. Peter. In 1604, the village would fall into the hands of the state.

In its early days, Nieuwvliet was a feudal village. Mr. Jan Adornis, a Bruges merchant, was the first lord of the village. It was he who founded the lordship and united Nieuwvliet, Mette Nije and St. Peter. It was officially recognized by Emperor Charles V in 1529. A new coat of arms was given to the three former glories in 1817, which consisted of three crescent moons.

Jerome Adornis succeeded Jan Adornis, and Jacob Adornis succeed Jerome. The castle would eventually fall into the hands of the state in 1604 and would be purchased by Marcellus van der Goes. After exchanging hands a few times, the castle would eventually be sold to Peter Fox, the governor of the Zeeland Chamber of the East India Company. The castle was rebuilt in 1717, but would eventually be demolished in the late 1700s.

Throughout much of the village’s history, livestock and agriculture played an important role in the local economy. In time, the importance of agriculture and livestock would diminish. Today, the village thrives on tourism. Holiday parks and campsites draw in tourists each year.

Nieuwvliet Attractions and Landmarks

Nieuwvliet’s main attraction is its beaches and sand dunes. There are a number of bike and walking trails along the beach and the dunes as well. Many tourists come to the village to camp and relax on the scenic beaches. Nieuwvliet is a quiet village with a tiny population. There are no skyscrapers or industrial areas. The peace and tranquility of this quiet area is what attracts tourists.

There are only a few streets in town. On the main street of the village is a church, but it is closed. The Nieuwvliet Mill is still in use and was built in 1850. You can also explore the ruins of the Luteyn Mill from 1859. The Luteyn Mill is considered a national monument.

Dining and Events

There are several restaurants, cafés, supermarkets and snack bars in Nieuwvliet village. The City Tavern is both a hotel and a pub. Some other popular restaurants in town include:

  • Grand Café Restaurant Nieuwvliet
  • The Swell Restaurant
  • Restaurant The Five Weeghen

At Fritura ‘t Pumping, you can enjoy fresh ice cream, bag fries and free internet access.

In June, the village hosts its Peuzeltocht event. This is a 45km cross bike tour organized by the Agriculture Department ZLTO.

Bowling, mini-golf, horse riding, tennis courts and playgrounds can also be found in the village. Swimming is a popular activity in the summer months when tourists flock to Nieuwvliet’s beaches.

Where to Stay

There are 17 campsites in Nieuwvliet. Larger campsites offer a wide range of different amenities, but there are also smaller campsites that are simple and basic. There are also five hotels in town with a B&B and a Best Western.

If you are looking for something a bit more private, you can also rent a vacation home, cabin or a mobile home for your stay. There are quite a few private vacation homes for rent as well. Cherry Garden Bed and Breakfast and Apartments offers 1, 2 and 3 bedroom accommodations. Cabin rentals can be found at Camping International, Camping Zonneweelde and Camping ‘t Schorre. Many of the camping sites also rent out mobile homes to tourists.

Getting to Nieuwvliet

Nieuwvliet can be reached via car, train or bus. The nearest station is Vlissingen or Knokke-Heist. The nearest bus line is Line 3 from Oostburg or Breskens. Line 14 from Breskens and Knokke-Heist can also be taken between the months of July and August.

Buses run through Nieuwvliet-Village and Nieuwvliet-Bad. In the village, stops are made at Dorpsstraat and the corner of St. Bavo Dijk.

Because Nieuwvliet-Village is small, many tourists prefer to explore the village on foot or by bike. There are several biking trails along the coast that allow you to enjoy a beautiful view of the village’s stunning landscape.

Even when traveling during peak season (July and August), the beaches remain uncrowded and the village stays quiet. This makes Nieuwvliet the ideal getaway for anyone looking for a relaxing getaway in a quiet town.

Nieuwvliet Beach – Sandy Beaches and Beautiful Pavilions

Nieuwvliet Beach is nothing short of breathtaking. The beach is the most visited part of all of Nieuwvliet and has defined the city as one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Like many beaches in the Netherlands, the beach has won a plethora of awards for its overall cleanliness and beautifully clear waters. Every year, tourists can be seen sunbathing on the beach and soaking up the sun.


Right across from the beach there are numerous parking spaces for both cars and bikes alike. The main car park is a great place to park as there are restrooms and showers available. This allows guests to easily shower off from a long day of sunbathing.

While the winter months allow for free parking, from April – October parking may cost up to 4 euros per day. This, however, is a small price to pay for the convenience of a short walk to the beautiful sandy beaches.

The Best Spot to Be

The months of July and August are the perfect time to visit the beach. Not only is the beach filled with people, but there are lifeguards on duty to ensure that every person is safe. The central station is the ideal place for those that want to have a full view of the beach. This is where the lifeguards will be stationed as well and will add to the overall safety of anyone going out for a swim.

Beach Pavilions

When going to the beach, there are many opportunities to eat and drink. Not only are there many shops open, but the beach pavilions have many rental places. This allows guests to rent chairs, cabins or even tents to further enjoy their stay.

Saint-Pierre, Matour and of course, the Buccaneer are the pavilions of choice. This is where all of the best shops and food can be found. Don’t worry, there is no chance that you will ever miss these pavilions. They are synonymous with the beach and have become the go-to locations for locals and tourists alike.

There is something for everyone at Nieuwvliet Beach. Enjoy a day of fun and sun all throughout the year.