summertime wintertime

The Netherlands is only a small country and only has 1 timezone (CET). We do use Daylight Saving Time, which means we advance the clock during summer so we have longer daylight in the evenings. In the Netherlands we refer to this as summertime and wintertime.

DST in 2013:

  • DST starts March 31st 2013
  • DST ends October 27th 2013

DST in 2014:

  • DST starts March 30st 2014
  • DST ends October 26th 2014

DST in 2015:

  • DST starts March 29st 2015
  • DST ends October 25th 2015

DST in 2016:

  • DST starts March 27st 2016
  • DST ends October 30th 2016

Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +1 hour Time zone abbreviation: CET – Central European Time