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The Dutch Culture

Dutch Soccer

Culture Guide to the Netherlands Visiting another country can be compared to entering into a sort of fantasy land, where new and delightful sights, smells, and sounds are blended with a strange and eccentric way of life – one that ...

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History of the Netherlands

The return to Amsterdam of the Second Expedition to the East Indies, Hendrik Cornelisz Vroom, 1599

History of the Netherlands (from 1506 – Present) This article was written with the expressed intent to engage your interest in learning more about the rich history of the Netherlands. While I’ve attempted to paint a general picture of the ...

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Top 10 most visited museums in the Netherlands


The Netherlands has a wide range of museums which gives the necessary attention to art and culture from both home and abroad. Art brings imagination, color and emotion in life and is a way to express our  creativity and emotions. ...

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The Wadden Islands


The Dutch Wadden Islands are located in the the north of country in the North Sea. There are 5 inhabited Wadden Islands of which one, namely Texel, lies in the province North Holland and the other four are located in ...

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Dutch Drug Policy

Coffeeshop Rock-iT in Amsterdam

The drug policies of the Netherlands are often viewed as pragmatic and soft by those nations seeking to impose stricter penalties on the sale and use of illicit drugs. The pragmatic approach means that in case a problem is unsolvable, ...

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Best hotels in Amsterdam – hotelguide to the capital city

The College Hotel - Building

Finding the best hotel in Amsterdam for you and your fellow travelers is of course depended on your budget and what your standards are, but one thing’s for sure… you’d better do some research or you might end up in ...

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Dutch Cuisine


Dutch Cuisine? Yes! There is such a thing. When you think of Holland, food is probably not the first thing that comes to mind.  You may think wooden shoes, legal drugs, or windmills. But a great gastronomic experience is not ...

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Wassenaar Beach – 8Km of Sea and Sand

Strand Wassenaar

Wassenaar beach is just north of The Hague and southwest of Leiden. Its coastline stretches more than 8km and encompasses more than 60 square kilometers. Wassenaar is a quiet area with little industry and is known as one of the ...

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Zandvoort Beach – Sun, Sea, Sand and More

Zandvoort Beach Evening

Stretching more than 9 kilometers, Zandvoort beach is one of the Netherland’s most popular beach resorts. Located in the town of the same name, the beach can be found in the North Holland province. It features a nudist beach and ...

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Zoutelande Beach – White Sand Perfection


Zoutelande beach is situated in Zoutelande, right between Westkapelle and Dishoek. A small village, Zoutelande has less than 2,000 inhabitants and is a tourist-centric area. The beaches, unlike those in other parts of the Netherlands, face south and are considered ...

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