Flag of The Netherlands

The flag of the Netherlands consists of three horizontal striped colors: red, white and blue. These have been the official colors since the 19th of February of 1937 when Queen ...

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Netherlands Tourism

Welcome to Netherlands Tourism, a blog completely dedicated to the Netherlands, or Holland as many often (wrongly) use to refer to the country. I'm sure that browsing this site will help you plan your holiday in the country of tulips, windmills, clogs and pea soup. I'll even teach you some more about the rich history and the culture of the Dutch.

Where is the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is located in Europe, in Western Europe to be exact, and borders to Germany in the East and Belgium in the South. The northern and western part of the country border the North Sea, which means the country has a large coastal area where you'll find beautiful beaches, boulevards and lots of tourism.

If you look at the map above you'll notice there are some islands in the North, these islands are called the Wadden Islands. The five most western islands belong to the Netherlands, the ones to the east to Germany. These islands are very popular with as well Dutch as foreign tourists.