Flag of Gelderland
Flag of Gelderland

The Gelderland province of the Netherlands dates back to the Holy Roman Empire. Its name is derived from the nearby German town of Geldern, which is known for its famous dragon legend. Although Gelderland is one of the largest provinces in the country, it also happens to be the least populated. The region features several natural park reserves and forests.

The History of Gelderland

Present day Gelderland encompasses nearly three-quarters of the ancient Duchy of Guelders. In 1543, the province became a part of the Seventeen Provinces of Habsburg Netherlands. The area was the source of great conflict during World War II when the Battle of Arnhem took place.

What to See and Do

Gelderland’s capital city of Arnhem is a popular tourist destination and the site of the famous WWII battle in 1944. As a result of the conflict, the city center was destroyed. Restorations to historical monuments are still taking place today.

There are several museums in the city, including:

· Museum voor Moderne Kunst: A modern art gallery that focuses on work from Dutch artists

· Openluchtmuseum: A large and open museum that is designed to educate visitors on both modern and traditional Dutch customs.

· The Kröller-Müller Museum: An outdoor modern art museum that features works from Vincent Van Gogh. What makes this museum so unique – and a must-see attraction – is the fact that all works of art are displayed outdoors in the museum’s picturesque park.

· Airborne Museum: This museum is dedicated to the Arnhem battle that took place in September 1944. The building served as the headquarters for British soldiers. Tourists can see a collection of uniforms, weapons and equipment from this historic battle. Photos, videos and interviews can also be explored to learn more about the event.

· Water Museum: Here, tourists can learn about water, dikes and how water is used throughout the world.

· Wine Museum: Guests learn everything there is to know about the creation of wine.

The Burgers Zoo and National Park Hoge Veluwe are also popular tourist attractions.

Other notable cities within the province include Apeldoorn, Doesburg, Nijmegen, Wageningen, Zutphen and Tiel. Apeldoorn features a number of monuments and parks. The Het Loo Palace can also be found here. Nijmegen is the oldest city in the country and boasts a large population of students. Much like Nijmegen, Wageningen is also a student city thanks to the local agricultural university. Zutphen was the first village to receive city rights during medieval times and is home to St. Walburgiskerk, which is one of the largest churches in the country. Doesburg is another historic town located along the IJssel River.

The Gelderland province is also well-known for the Veluwe. This great forest expanse is an excellent place for biking and hiking throughout the year.

Cities in Gelderland:

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