North Holland

Flag of North Holland
Flag of North Holland

The province of North Holland is located in the western portion of the Netherlands. The province includes the country’s most famous city – Amsterdam. The capital city of Haarlem also attracts many tourists each year thanks to its many museums and historical monuments. A number of historic Dutch villages can also be found in North Holland whose inhabitants still adhere to the same lifestyle as their ancestors did during the Dutch Golden Age.

Notable Cities in North Holland

· Amsterdam –A must-see city for any tourist visiting the Netherlands. Charming canals, beautiful architecture and an exciting nightlife are just a few of the reasons why this city attracts millions of visitors each year.

· Haarlem – The province’s capital city with a large number of museums to visit. The city also features a historic city center with quaint shops and cafes.

· Bergen –Well-known for its beautiful landscape, Bergen is a quiet beach resort town that features large dunes and plenty of cycling opportunities.

· Alkmaar –Alkmaar is famous for its cheese market. The historic city also features a number of preserved medieval buildings, two large cinemas and many museums.

· Muidan–A historic town that features a 13th century castle known as Muiderslot. Medieval remains can also be found in the area, which make this a great destination for history lovers.

· Naarden – Famous for its 17th-century fortifications that are some of the best preserved in all of Europe.

Texel, an island located in the northern region of the province, is also a popular tourist destination. Its diverse landscape includes stunning beaches along the coast, flatlands in the east and hills in the center of the island. Wetlands can be found further inland and feature beautiful walking trails. Texel receives the most visitors during the warm summer months when the island’s beaches can be enjoyed.

Exploring Traditional Dutch Villages

North Holland is home to a number of traditional Dutch villages that offer visitors a glimpse into the country’s rich history. The Waterland and Zaan Region, in particular, feature a number of historical villages with windmills and traditional ways of living.

The ZaanseSchans is an open museum located along the banks of ZaanRiver, which is a short drive from Amsterdam. Here, tourists can explore traditional Dutch architecture and windmills.

The North Holland province offers something for every traveler with a bustling nightlife in the big cities and quiet seaside resorts along the coast. While the famous city of Amsterdam may be at the top of every tourist’s list, it is well worth the effort to explore some of the other historic cities located in the region.

Cities in North Holland:

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